Meta Sports Discord Giveaway

2 min readNov 10, 2022

🎉Metasports will officially launch INO in Gate on November 21st, and sell NFT on offical website on November 26th. A major event will be held to commemorate this great moment

📣There will be an airdrop of 1,000,000 MSG + 20 NFT during the first round of the Meta Sports Discord Chat Lucky Draw.

👉Join discord:

🚨Event Rule

@leader can join in 300,000 MSG draw, 1000 winners, each winner gets 300 MSG

@legend can join in 400,000 MSG draw, 400 winners; each winner will receive 1,000 MSG

@legend can additionally join in NFT draw, 10 winners; each winner will get 1 NFT

🏆Level Ranking Bonus

Top1 get reward 1 NFT+50,000 MSG

Top 2 get reward 1 NFT +30,000 MSG

Top3 get reward 1 NFT +20,000 MSG

Top4-Top10 get reward 1 NFT+10,000 MSG

Top11-Top50 get reward 2,000 MSG

Top51-Top100 get reward 1,000 MSG

only @legend can participate in the event

⏰Event Time

Nov. 10 00:00 — Nov. 30 23:59

⏰Reward distribution time

The distribution will be completed within 7 days after the event ends~.

🔰Rank Rules

Chat upgrade to level 10 to get @leader

Chat upgrade to level 20 to earn @legend

❓How to get Status

Level up by chatting at #chat_en #chat_cn #chat_th

❓How to check Level

#level check

❓How to join the Lucky Draw event


❓How to fill in the wallet Address after winning the Lucky Draw





METASPORT is the world‘s first sports metaverse blockchain platform with NFT, DeFi and GameFi. With one NFT as an ID you can penetrate the entire platform.